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Sunday 17th June

Dunedin Dojo Kata Competition

Thank you to all the students who attended our recent Kata Competition for the Dunedin Dojo. It was great to see everyone participate and show off some great kata.

Some photos of the day can be found in our photo gallery here - June 2018 Kata Competition

27th May 2018

Dunedin Dojo Kumite Competition

Our Kumite competition for the Dunedin Dojo was well attended, fun and competitive. Well done to all the students who competed and displayed some great Karate technique.

Catch some of the action in our photo gallery here - 2018 Kumite Competition

May 2018 - Sensei Shane visits Melbourne

Sensei Shane recently travelled to Melbourne to train with Sensei Ishitobi who was visiting from Japan. While in Melbourne he spent time working with Sensei Ishitobi, Sensei Andrew and Sensei Mark of Shu Ryu Kan refining and learning his technique to pass on to the rest of us here in New Zealand.

Sensei Shane on his recent trip to train in Melbourne

5th to 8th July -  Sensei Andrew visits from Melbourne

The Dunedin Dojo was lucky to have Sensei Andrew visit from Melbourne for 3 days full of informative seminars and tough gradings.
All the students found the seminars with Sensei Andrew fun and useful, it was great to have Sensei available to work with all students on improving and developing their Karate further. The time Sensei Andrew spent with our own instructors was very beneficial for upskilling our instructors so they can better teach all students within the dojo.
Congratulations to all the students who graded, everyone put in a huge effort through the gradings and performed well. A special congratulations to Sophie Black who achieved her Shodan (1st Dan) grade and Nikita Stone who achieved her Shodan Ho (Black Belt) grade.
The whole Dojo is very grateful for the time Sensei Andrew gave to us while he was here. Thank You Sensei.
Sensei Andrew on his recent visit to the Dunedin Dojo

Sunday 30th September 2018

Dunedin Dojo Kata Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our Dunedin Dojo Kata competition. All those who competed performed exceptionally well which made for a very competitive tournament and tough judging decisions. It was great to see the effort and practice that went into all the competitors Kata.

Photos of the day can be found in our photo gallery here - September 2018 Kata Competition.

Coming Up

4th October

Grading - All Students

Coming Up

13th December

Grading - All Students