Sensei Ishitobi to Visit

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We are very excited to be able to present Sensei Ishitobi, 8th Dan Shihan, to our New Zealand Karate-ka! Sensei Ishitobi Sensei Ishitobi will be in New Zealand, as a part of an Australia and New Zealand tour, to meet the New Zealand Karate-ka and take a training session in Remuera that night.  Ask your Sensei's for more information, we really encourage you or your children to attend this, as training with Sensei Ishitobi is a rare occurrence! Here is the registration form.   Sensei Ishitobi; Shihan Ishitobi is Vice President of Shito-ryu Shukokai Union and 8th Dan Shihan. He was the last private student of Sensei Tani, and the chief instructor of Tani Soke’s dojo (founder of the style of Shukokai). There is a good iteerview with Sensei Ishitobi, here, that provides a bit of a background of his involvement with Karate to date.   Training Details; Sensei Ishitobi will be joined by guests Sensei Shinichi Mizoguchi (Japan) and Sensei Steve Kelly (Australia). Tuesday May 6th 2014: Juniors 5.30 – 6.30pm Adults 6.30 – 8.30pm.   Costs: Juniors $20 Adults $35   If you have any questions, please ask your Sensei's. It will be a great session, so bring all the energy you can! Osu!   Venue: College Rifles Rugby Club, 33 Haast Street, Remuera