August 2013 Gradings

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Grading Date: Saturday 3rd of August Grading Location: Onehunga Dojo, 128a Onehunga Mall, Onehunga Grading Times: Pee Wees (4-7yrs): 12pm - 12.45pm Junior Grading White to Yellow Belts (Junior 8-11yrs): 1pm - 2pm Junior Orange and Above: 2pm - 3pm Adult Grading (All Grades): 3pm - 4.30pm   Grading is a formal test for our Shukokai students to exhibit Karate technique, express dojo creed, and demonstrate diligence of Karate-do. Students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the grading start time. The grading will start at the scheduled time therefore students who arrive late will not be permitted to grade. Training Gi’s must be clean, ironed and at the correct length. The best way to approach grading is with a positive mindset, confident energy, and effort. Mistakes do not affect assessment however a lack of karate spirit will be noticeable. The purpose of grading is for the Sensei to see how each student is progressing and for the student to demonstrate their technique to the level required. Please bring your grading card with you. Registration & Payment must be received by Friday 26 July, 2013. Late registration will not be accepted. Grading Fee: Junior $25 Adult $40 Brown Belt & Above $50. Eftpos is available however no cash is held on premises.   Download the grading form here: August 2013 Grading Registration